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Hi all,

a work colleague is considering purchasing a drone & has found a great deal on a Mini4 Pro through a store I’ve not had any dealings with, Dronesafestore here in the UK.

It states the drone is ‘open box’ but not used, anyone had dealings with this place and or purchased an ‘open box’ drone?

What are your thoughts, is it legit?



Drone Safe Store are as legit as they come :slight_smile:

I don’t recall seeing a single negative comment about them here.


Bought a few drones from them, they know their stuff and customer service is top notch


I’ve ordered several items from them, top notch service and after service.


OK, thanks guys.

Anyone know why there are open box drones?

Why are the boxes opened, their website doesn’t mention why the boxes have been opened, only point out that they are.

I also agree to all comments above, I’ve got my Mini 4 Pro Fly More combo from them, they’re legit and trustworthy. Top customer service too.

My last four drones, and almost all of the spare batteries and accessories, have come from them. Always good service, prompt delivery, and a couple of little treats in the box to make you smile.

They have a physical shop where they have things out on display or will open a box to show customers what’s inside. Honestly, one of the few places I would buy an open box drone from with a fair degree of confidence.

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They do state, to some degree, why the box has been opened.
For example from the site…

“This DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine Premium Combo has only been opened to show a customer and has only ever been handled by a team member.”

This DJI Mini 4 Pro hasn’t been used, it has simply been opened! Grab yourself a bargain now!

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Bought my avata 2 and osmo pocket 3 from them, no open box stuff though. Also got my a2 cofc through them and uavhub. Was cheaper and had an offer code so got it at better price still. Have @1CM69 you thought about seeing whats for sale through grey arrows first?

@1CM69 how much is it? Can uou share the link?

Don’t do it! It’ll be gone before your mate can type their credit card details in! :wink: :smiley:


Call them and ask the question?
I asked them to set up my Avata and M2P so it arrived ready to fly, maybe that’s what it means

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Drone Safe Store are 100% legit. I’ve visited them many times and always attend their bbq events…where they normally give discounts. Their next event is Saturday 21st July so a great opportunity to turn up and scope them out. The owner does everything he can to help people out and is a great guy.

Hope this helps

Andy :ok_hand:


Thanks all for the great info.

I’ll pass it on to my work colleague & hopefully they’ll become a new member here too. :+1:t2:


A great place, I’ve bought 2 drones from them, excellent service and even better BBQs. I’m off there on the 21st July for another Drone.

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Hey Andy @Andybatchford I will be there too…been to every event they’ve held…excellent cheeseburgers :ok_hand:

Andy :nerd_face:

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Hi Ping,

I have never dealt with them but they are quite reputable and have some great deals. I was looking at the Avata 2 on there but I would sell my mini 3 before I got one but then there is the fact that I wouldn’t have a sub 250g drone. Bit of a nightmare situation.

Don’t sell the mini 3, nightmare situation avoided :man_shrugging:t2: :grin: :+1:t2:

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Thanks, but it wasn’t me that asked this one either :blush:

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