Drone scene and Orkney

Currently there are zero entries for the Orkneys showing in Drone Scene.
I know we had a cull of duplicates recently and if mine went because of that, then so be it, but like i said there are currently zero showing.
Any ideas?

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This one broke the map, Mike, and was unlisted:

It’s still there, but the pop-up opens further north than the map allows you to scroll.

It’ll come back once the map scrolling issue has been tackled.

So single handedly I broke the internet? :thinking: :grinning: at last, a claim to fame.

Would it be beneficial Ian to re-post as it seems allowable now to me?

No, please don’t - because as soon as you click on the location marker pin, the info-balloon pops up, and it’s further north than the map can scroll.

This still applies from a few minutes ago, Mike :blush:

Hiya don’t forget, it’s “Orkney” not “The Orkneys” LOL

There are tons of great landscapes and town and monuments to fly over, just look out for air ports as there are lots of little air strips around the place and the truly ridiculous winds!

Off the top of my head:

Brough of Deerness inc the big hole
Deer Sound
The Barriers
Italian Chapel
St Mary’s
St Margaret’s Hope
Old Man of Hoy
All of Rousay
All of Sanday esp beaches and lighthouse
The two big lochs with the big three monuments

I could go on all day!!

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Maybe the weather in Orkney (not the Orkneys!) is similar to ours up here in Shetland (not Shetlands!) - we’ve had 15 months of hopeless weather - cold, windy and wet! I think we counted only a handful of nice days. Fingers crossed for better weather this year! :crossed_fingers:

Off up to Orkney for a week in June, so hopefully will get some more added to the map then :slight_smile:

Off to Orkney 3rd week of April, followed by a week in Shetland anyone flown there, would be grateful for any locations to try, looking forward to hopefully getting some flying in, on both locations, this has been 3yrs in the making due to Covid

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