Drone Scene ease of flying suggestion

What about an option to state the ‘ease of flying’.
A scale of 1 to 10:
1 being “only if its quiet, at 6am, if you are lucky”;
10 being you can roll up any time and fly.


Damn… another excellent suggestion!

(your scales might be back to front though)

Would you scale it 1-10? With 10 being dead easy to fly (if it’s an “ease of flying” scale) and 1 being seriously tricky?

Or would you have a drop down list of words/phrases/something? :thinking:

How would people know which number to give it?

Quite happy to discuss options for this one :blush:


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Pretty sure that’s how I worded it? 1=hard 10=easy.

Yeah. Maybe 3 to 5 phrases? Hard, medium, easy.

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