Drone Skins for propellors

Has any of you guys heard of drone skin wrap kit including propellors ?

Why on earth would you want to wrap your props. :man_shrugging:


Not a brilliant plan to skin your props with all the potential for unbalancing loss of aerodynamic performance and separation of skin and prop in flight.

There are plenty of aftermarket props available in all kinds of colours (along with dire warnings from DJI of the inadvisability of using non DJI kit)


My thoughts exactly @HantsFlyer @macspite but a guy on YouTube demonstrating putting a skin on mentions props during the fitting

Terrible idea.

If it ain’t broke then dun fix it.

Same could be said for any accessory :shrug:

I’ve purchased a skin for my mini 2 in the past that also had skins included for the props - they stayed in the box.

Not something I’d personally faff about but I guess someone must do it or they wouldn’t make them :man_shrugging: