Drone swarm!


Went out on Saturday,flew a few drones,and had lots of fun,:rofl::rofl::laughing:


WTF - at first glance I thought that first photo was photoshopped :smiley:

Any other GADC members in amongst that lot Tony??


Hiya Rich,myself and caco,both GADC members lol,working on getting the other two to join,both fairly new to drones:+1::+1:


In which case, I’m tagging @davidcaco in to this thread :smiley:


Omfg, it’s a gang of terrorists. Call the army, airforce and the Daily Mail etc, etc…


In that order? :thinking:



LOL I just noticed the mention of the daily fail,now i can handle most things,but cmmon,surely we dont deserve the daily fail,cant possibly be that bad,can we…:rofl::rofl: