Drone trials between Dundee Ninewells and Stracathro Hospital (scotland)

Just seen this article on the BBC Medical supplies drone trial takes off in Tayside - BBC News

what is the likelihood that is becomes a NFZ long term, Drone Safety Map | Altitude Angel as I mainly fly down by the beach over the water but seems now the only place I could in theory do that is over the port entrance now.

any ideas or speculation?

DJI might invent one of their own ‘NFZ’

The likelihood of it becoming a proper FRZ is anyone’s guess, probably will control it with NOTAMS (would be my guess)

Much of this area is already problematic what with Ninewells close proximity to Dundee airport, the Barry Buddon army range etc. Love the way we (the public) are always under a microscope for our activities, but then when councils or big name companies want something blocked off it just gets unchallenged clearance.

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I did wonder what the notam for a drone flight from Montrose to Dundee was all about, thanks for the answers