Drone video filming

I’m looking for a competent drone flyer capable of shooting video . I might have quite a bit of paid work available for a new project. Not difficult or illegal stuff and we would never request filming over prohibited areas. Will be very pleased to hear from you.

Hi @RickW and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Which region are you looking for operators in?

We have four PfCO certified operators in Grey Arrows, pinging them in to this thread for you: @Davester70 @Blacksails @Jcborden @PsychoTeapot

Naturally they may be a bit cautious as you’ve haven’t provided much detail about who you are :blush:

Hi and thanks for reply…
The area in question is Bournemouth and surrounding areas. The work will be for a new video production company which is being set up in the afore-mentioned area .

Thanks for the mention, Rich :slightly_smiling_face: Hope all is good with you.

@Rickw - if none of the other’s mentioned are able to help out (I’m based in Scotland), you could always have a look at the ARPAS UK website, where commercial operators are listed by region.

Here’s the link:


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Thanks Davester70… Shame you’re up there !!!
Thanks for advice and link

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