Drone Virgin from Northwich

I’m a keen photographer from Northwich, it was my birthday yesterday and all my family have clubbed together to buy me my first drone, a Magic Mini so I’m a very lucky man. Trouble is its still on its way from China so can’t wait for it to arrive and then no doubt be pestering people here with lots of questions!


Welcome to Grey Arrows @BigPhil

I’d have a word with your family, get that order cancelled and tell them Argos down the road has the Mavic Mini in stock with same day delivery for £3.95 :smiley:


Hi and welcome to GADC , you have come to the right place as lots of helpful members on here , ive started with the mini and i love it although you need to be mindful of the wind but its a great little drone and loads of fun to fly, A member on here has a very useful youtube channel just go on youtube and search Ian in london and he will come up, he has some great useful advise for the mavic mini . You can find lots of help on here while you wait. hope you enjoy the site and have great fun with the mini when it arrives.

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Hi Phil and welcome to GADC from a rather damp North East Lincolnshire.


Hi Scottydog, thanks for the message, the drone arrived last Friday and I’m loving it, the winds have been good in that they’ve made me wary which I think is a good thing. I’ve spent a bit of time flying squares as many suggest on YouTube. I’ve also watched some of Ians which are really good. On Monday the Mini died with lots of errors and suggesting I send in for repair. I panicked a bit then decided to connect to the DJI app on my computer which gave me the opportunity to roll back to the previous firmware which worked thankfully. I then went to the latest firmware and alls still well so it looks like it was a software glitch thankfully. I’m hoping to get some better conditions so that I can do some photography with it.


Cheers Seahunter.