Drone virgin

Hi guys, so some sound advice needed, i am so wanting to get into drone flying, and eventually cinematography etc.
Now, there are so so many drones out there, DJI, Autel ,Holystone being the big 3 i think.
I dont have £5/600 upwards readily available atm, but looking at around 250 300 max for my 1st drone, im after all good advice as to what drone to go for, i see the mavic mini at good cost on ebay??? Any feed back, it will be be most appreciated , thanks guys


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DJI Mini 1, 2 or 3 … are 100% the best beginner drones on the market.

You can pick up a used Mini 2 for £300 on ebay. This drone, hands down, is the best beginner drone available, at that price point. Also, there are so many users, threads, posts about this drone, that you will never be short of support.

Plus, since it’s a sub-250g, you can fly pretty much anyway (other than FRZs, etc).

Holystone are ok, but do not come close to DJI for stability, features, range, image quality, etc.

TL;DR - get the DJI Mini 2 :+1:

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There is a good comparison between the Mini 1 and the Mini 2 here:

Note: I am not including the Mini 3, as it is double your budget.

I know £64 more then your max, this is a safe site to buy from as others here would back me up on, if your not happy they will pick up from your doorstep and refund money no quibble. You will get everything you need in the link provided also 6 months warranty and they don’t lie about condition.


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As with all second-hand purchases the quality of the goods and/or the openness of the seller may vary.

One retailer that many of us have used for both camera and drone purchases is MPB and they have an excellent reputation. Their prices seem to be comparable with ebay. Unfortunately, they don’t have a great deal of Mini2 kit


If you go for a Mini get it with the Fly More kit which gives you three batteries - even though each can last 30 minutes you will soon wish you had more than one!

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I’d recommend the Mini 2 SE or Mini 2.

I know you may be tempted to buy something cheaper but you’ll just end up spending the money twice and not getting a decent return on your original purchase if you decide to sell it.

Start with as close as you can get to best in class. If you don’t enjoy the hobby you can at least still make the majority of your money back if you decide to sell it on.

That link is misleading, it’s for a Mini 2 SE

You can a brand new one for less


Very unlike MPB to get either model or pricing wrong. Admittedly the accessories they list as Mini2 / SE are for either model but I thought the listing was for the full Mini 2 aircraft

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The pictures on the pages on MPB are always of the actual product you’ll get. Says Mini 2 on the arm, where as if it was an SE, it would say SE!

Unless I’m missing something.

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can only echo what some have said above, keep your eyes peeled for a used mini 2. Or bide your time to save a little more for a new one, you wont regret it. I have used a friends holy stone and there is no comparison, in fact once he had a shot of my mini 2 he went out and got one. The holy stone was only 3 months old and now sits on his cupboard gathering dust.

Yeah, I think you are right, its a Mini 2 but the accessory names threw me! :+1:

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Hi Andrew, welcome from the Black Country.

You’re a week late, I’ve just sold a nearly new Mini 2 with 4 batteries, hard case, filters etc for £300. Just keep looking on here, you’ll find something.
P.S. Keep away from cheap, “toy” drones, they’ll only end up in the shed/loft/bin and you’ll give up.

Hi Andrew - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

As already mentioned, a DJI Mini / Mini 2 or Mini SE are probably your best bet - will serve you well :+1:

Don’t buy a mini (original) its WiFi only and you’ll soon want to fly it further

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@BUBBA I would recommend a DJI mini 2 with flymore kit, ND filters and a lanyard holder/lanyard Andrew.

It was my first drone this time last year and funny enough about to sell all of that with Care Refresh insurance (until May), with all its original packaging and spare rotors :rofl:.


Hi mate ebay is mind field of robberies .if you buy used of eBay not warranty better going to shops for used or cex at lest they offer warranty. Or look at https://www.rcgoing.com you get new one for your budget and look up net for reviews.

In my experience stay away from Holystone they have a mind of their own & tend not to wait for instructions they just fly off & do their own thing with no input from you. My first drone was a HS175 which did this exact scenario on its first flight. i got sent back to Amazon & i purchased what i should have DJI Mini 2 & then i got the bug & about 7K later i now own all DJI an FPV, Avata, Mini 2, Mini 3 Pro (currently in the Netherlands) Mavic 3. And now ordered not to purchase anything else :disappointed: Ooh i also have BNIB Parrot AR which i purchased in 2015 whilst recuperating from brain surgery ( Therapy shopping)

I’d get a mini SE, I’ve been using one as my first drone for 8 months. Flying wise really good, it’s coped in quite a surprising range of weather and wind speed, only thing if you intend to fly in a built up area it can lose the wifi signal quite quickly (200m-300m) but in less built up areas you will have no trouble understanding the limits of your eyesight and VLOS. Camera wise for video I have no complaints and get some really good video footage, for me photos is where it get let down compared to say a mini 2, it doesn’t shoot in RAW and the results always seem lacking in any sort of punch.