Drone vs paragliding?

Last couple of days in the Costa Adeje. Really wanted to take some coastal shots with the drone but the skies around all the major beaches are filled with Paragliders, parasailers and even the odd microlite under a canopy.

Obviously the ‘humans always have priority’ rule applies and you’d be an idiot to even try it but I’m guessing others have been less aware. Anyone heard of drone vs paragliding incidents? I’m not sure how high they fly, probably 200 ft? Might be able to go above them but I think you’d still cause much unwanted panic and chaos! I’ve not even seen any promo videos with drones in this area yet.

Might be able to get up at dawn but on this side of the island, you’d at best have an hr (from 7:30-8:30) whilst there was enough light and before it got busy… Shame though… Stunning backdrop