Drone Wi-Fi interference

Hey guys newly qualified drone pilot and working on first job filming with a car lost all control of the drone and hit car and car drove over the drone total wipeout.
Was told by the driver after the accident I wonder if it had anything to do with me having my Wi-Fi hotspot turned on in the car as the drone literally followed the car with no control from myself has anybody heard of anything like this.
And thank god for insurance. Cheers Mua

Make/model of the drone?

DJI mavic mini

As soon as the car came near the drone the drone just went for it haha

Any recoverable flight logs you can share with us?

Still trying to get info off it. It’s a mess luckily it was on private property and the driver of the car was a work colleague,

To answer your question though, no, local WiFi wouldn’t cause the issues you’re describing.

Ok that bins that idea then it literally just went for the car. Was flying around no probs got loads of footage soon as that car come past it just lost all control and went for the car haha. Maybe they just don’t like jags. Cheers

How fast was the car going?

And how close was the drone?

The Mini weighs less than 250g, did it just get sucked in? :man_shrugging:t2:

Car doing 10-15 mph and drone was about 6ft away tracking and 3 mph winds.

Hard to say without getting the logs off airdata. But I agree, it’s highly unlikely to have been interference from a hotspot. It’d be nice to find the root cause and share, so we can all learn from it.

As soon as I can get the data off I will share and from what I’ve been reading in major built up areas as it was on an industrial estate that the mavic mini can suffer. Loss of link.

How far away were you from the drone?

10ft max clear line of sight perfect conditions. It’s a puzzler was gonna dive for the drone but thought me or the drone under a f pace jag I’ll let the drone take it haha

If you go into the DJI-Fly APP, then into your profile, you can select the flight and replay it. You may see a warning message that you missed while you were flying.

Yeah won’t play that flight :disappointed::disappointed: first thing I tried

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Probably hadn’t ‘completed’ that video …can you put the card back in the drone and turn the drone on and off again to get it finished?

Flight logs are on the phone app no? So we should be able to see them…

Might be a problem that me thinks


Might be a bit of a problem that me thinks

A forlorn hope …would it finish if you put it in another drone? I have no idea if that’s even workable btw