Drone Zones : Map - avoid!

While on Apple Store to check updates for some drone and weather apps came across “Drone Zones : Map” which is a community project produced by Newcastle University.

This must rate as one of the worst apps I have seen on any topic. It claims to allow users to search for places to fly drones safely. It was an under-developed and extremely crude app clearly nowhere near suitable for public release. Others thought it was worth 5 stars. It was a 0 for me but had to give it a 1 as usual 0 was not allowed. I couldn’t find any way to add a location when I had a brief look or indeed do much of anything at all other than being invited to register. Not that such an app is needed when we have such an excellent “Where to fly your drone in the UK” reference on the forum. However what was worrying and depressing was that when I searched my area about 6 locations came up, with glowing recommendations and some with no info at all, for a “nice” place to fly. There were many reasons why non of these would be good sites for recreational flying especially for novices. The main one being all 6 were inside the NFZ for the local airport! There were no indications whatsoever on the map of any NFZ’s or any indication of risk at all. Just a map with pins.The app gave the impression that any bit of greenery indicated a “safe” place to fly! Other than to leave an unfavourable comment there is no way to complain about such a crass app remaining in the public domain

Clearly anyone who knows anything about drones and has due regard for safety and values the reputation built up by responsible pilots would have nothing to do with such an awful reference app. The worry is those who don’t know any better. Perhaps this emphasises the need for the official upcoming regulation.

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Yes I would have also given a zero star rating if I could have. I would just stick with drone scene to find your flying spots!

Indeed. But it is the ones who don’t know better and award 5 stars who are the concern!


Yes sadly and they are also the ones that probably don’t know anything about the new DRES registration scheme either

Drone registration day or possibly November the 5th