DroneRaker - Stone, Staffordshire

Hi, hope you’re all well.

Just purchased my first drone (November) Dji Mavic Air 2. A lot to learn!,


Welcome to GADC. Which part of the country do you hail from?

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Stone, Staffordshire


Welcome to GADC - enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Alright mate, welcome from the Black Country!

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Hello, from Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Where do you fly?

Where every I can? When I first started I used to ask for permission, no one ever said yes. So I would find a nice safe spot and fly , but always fly to the drone code. Have you found places to go and fly?

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Live close to Eccleshall, plenty of empty field about!

Forgot to mention I fly a Phantom 4pro, really nice flyer.

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I was flying one of my P4Ps this afternoon over the local park, worked hard to keep steady in the wind, but still pretty good.

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I did fly for 25 mins (1 battery) on Sunday, but it started to rain.

I still learning to fly and trying some of the smart inbuilt functions etc.

I did three batteries on my P4P, and 2 on my old GoPro Karma. It got way too cold to stop out any longer, and the local dog walkers meant I had to get the drones out of the way too many times. I don’t know why dogs chase them, they wouldn’t know how to fly them if they caught them!
I don’t bother to look at the screen, I prefer to do it the old way and watch what the drone’s doing, (throw back to my old RC days). I’ll only look if I want to take a photo or video of something interesting or new, and that’s not going to happen on a field I’ve been using since I was 4 or 5 (long time ago).

Can’t be many of them left flying

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I’m sure once I get up to speed I will be using it more & more. What little time I’ve had on it I’ve enjoyed every second…
It great watching it back in the DJI fly app. I also want to get into editing videos, at the moment I only have an Ipad. I have a works laptop but cannot use that for personal use, need to have my own.

The DJIFLY app has a very capable little editor built in

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The software grounded them all for months but I didn’t use it anyway, then there was some new firmware and all of the problems seem to have disappeared. It still flys like an aircraft carrier tho, slow to turn, doesn’t hold position particularly well, climbs slow, basically you can see why they didn’t sell very well.

I was a beta tester.

One of the few things I didn’t question when they asked for it back. Good gimbal though.

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Mine came with the Hero 5 and the hand held gimbal thingy, that’s about the best part of it I think.

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