Drones Bylaws. Legality

On the subject of Council Bylaws relating to the use of Drones on Council Land, how can it be legal that they are using a bylaw that was passed before recreational drones were widely available and for the use of general public.
One case I have just notice is that a model aircraft bylaw which was ratified in 1997 and not updated is being used to prevent the use of recreational drones. Surely this cannot be legal as how can a bylaw be made for something at the time that doesn’t really exist, so they are. trying to lump them in with model aircraft instead of looking at them in light of the present information by the CAA regs and the actual danger and disturbance which does not exist only in heir minds.
Just a point to consider.

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Sadly, with most things. Words can be used and twisted to suit the requirements.

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Model aircraft is a catch all in the same way mechanically propelled vehicle is in the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Even article 16 operational authorisation was designed for model aircraft.

If you use article 16 you are essentially flying as a model aircraft, no automation etc.

It would be an extremely hard argument to win unfortunately.

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Many speak of ‘gramaphones’ I’m sure an iPhone and BT speaker blasting out would be classed in the above

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What’s a bylaw? :man_shrugging:t2: :wink:

Is it what you say to a Law you just parted with.?