Drones on TV tonight - More 4 9pm

In case you might have missed seeing this advertised, tonight (Saturday 26th) on More 4 at 9:00pm:

Hidden Britain by Drone
Season 1 | Episode 1 | Length 1 hour
Tony Robinson uses drones to reveal Britain’s hidden places, from billionaires’ private estates to military zones, huge new man-made islands and empty villages frozen in time. (Ep1/2)

Pretty sure it’s not a repeat so watch it, set your TV box to record it, or use catch-up to see it at a later date. Part 2 next week.


It is a repeat. 2016, originally.

Too much waffle, for me … tho I did watch.

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Set to record, nice one :+1:

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Not a bad show. Even if its is mainly dear old Tony Robinson banging on about ‘secret’ places and hidden sites, there are some impressive angles shot by the drones. I think most of us would sell our souls to fly our birds over some of the places visited, but I can only imagine the paperwork involved to get the permission needed - especially from the army on Salisbury Plain. :smiley:

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