Drones to be banned from flying near prisons in England and Wales from 25 January 2024

That rules out pretty well the whole of Durham City which has two prisons . There were existing restrictions which I believe were related to helicopters.

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@JockyB They are for drones that have GEO fence facility John. They are an Airspace Restriction regardless. :+1:

Yes, apparently the authorities were worried that if a helicopter was to crash into a prison, there’s no easy escape routes for staff and inmates. ( and there I thought that was the idea , no easy escape :joy::joy::joy::joy:)

Ther’s a lot of prison i have been in (working) that now have fine mesh over the excersise yards to stop drop offs

There is a video I watched, where Auditing Yorkshire flew his drone next to Wakefield Prision and got views of all the internal going ons of the Prison. The police were called, but they realised no criminal offence had been commited because the drone had not encroached the restriction.

The crime was watching an auditor on YT!":rofl::rofl:

Yes, I’m guilty :policeman:

Mildly impressed Geeksvana managed to release a video on this and it was less than 8 minutes long.

Of course it could have just been a youtube short “Don’t fly near a prison, ya stupid knob”

Did you learn anything that you didn’t already know @firstadekit ?

Oh… He managed to send me to sleep within 2 minutes, so didn’t know how long it was… Awww sleeping to the sounds of Sean (think I need help)

I didn’t even watch it, I ust saw it was 7 minutes and 30 seconds too long.

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Had a Quick Look on the forum and didn’t see this posted so here it is for your info. Comes into effect 25th January 2024. Happy New Year

Good spot. Something you would think would be common sense for most.

Looking forward to seeing the first few prosecutions for idiots who plead ignorance to this one ie auditors etc

Moved your post to the pre-existing thread on this subject.

So no more deliveries for me then , fly near or over prisons is not good?

When’s your release date? :rofl:

Sooner than later I hope :crossed_fingers:, did hear of someone flying over Gloucester prison and the Governor ask for the photo?

I suppose it is a case of the law catching up with technology. Over 10 years ago, I was a Prison Visitor. Then the main route in for drugs and phones was by catapult. One bloke had a trebuchet mounted on the back of a short wheelbase Land Rover.

They will try anyway to get drugs in.