Hi guys thx for advice to last question few more questions been looking autel drones, on official site £600 +us, one uk site much much Less, does this sound legit, uk site does have padlock on Web address my quandary is:: do I go for cheaper price with controller, 4k camera dear batteries or slightly dearer drone no controller cheap batteries HD camera advice thx

Hi @glynnc52

Depends on how much less ‘much much less’ is :slight_smile:

Which sadly means nothing at all these days :frowning:

If you could share the web site address I’m sure someone will be able to cast an experienced eye over it :+1:


Which drone is the second drone you’re talking about?

Parrot bepop 2

Uk site only £125,web address:allcarebrands, some products do seem dear, no one seem to ans my quandary direct though thx

What’s the full web address?

Yeah, few reasons for that mate :smiley:

First up, you’ve only just this minute given us the name of the web site.

Secondly, you’ve only just this minute given us the ‘much much less’ price.

None of us are mind readers mate, which is why I suggested we’d need a little more information to go on :wink:

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Anyway, now that we have something to go on, here’s my personal thoughts.

If it’s $600 in USA and only £125 in UK then yeah, it’s a scam.

The only allcarebrands I can find is allcarebrands -.co.uk

See some parrot stuff but no bebop 2.

Anyway if that’s the site I wouldn’t trust it.

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allcarebrands -.co.uk

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Ok thx for that basically ur saying go for a website I know and can trust

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You don’t have to know it personally but do a little digging on google. If its a genuine site you will normally find mentions on forums and sites like reviews.co.uk and trustpilot.

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Can anyone suggest alternative drones with similar specs but without hefty price of Dji or parrot

Did you check out the xiaomi mi drone 4k I mentioned in other thread.

They are about £350 from China at the moment but sometimes drop as low as £270 with discount codes.

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Only thing about parrot is most dont come with controller and you have to pay for apps like follow me and flight plan others you don’t also size cud easily get lost.

The bebop 2 is not that small to get lost easily but personally Id go for the Mi4 drone 4k. It has a gimbal and longer flight times. Much better for photography.

Look up the website on trustpilot then have a look through goggle lot of scams out there

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Hey there,been busy lately,I mite ave ask this b4,any suggestions for a starter drone,bout 20+ mins flite time,decent camera,£300-£400,not to big nor to small,Rth altitude hold,sturdy many thx

Glynn Im sure if you keep looking you could pick up a Mavic Pro for £400 now. good luck.

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Maybe have a look at the Yuneec Mantis Q, Amazon have it at just over £400. It’s about half the weight of a Mavic 2, and a smaller range, but camera and flight time sound decent. You’d perhaps want to budget more for a spare battery and camera case. No personal experience of it myself, but there’s a comparison against the Spark and Air here.

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