Dslr camera settings

so this is aimed at normal cameras both dslr and slr but also covers drones, basically anything that can be adjusted and uses


otherwise known as the exposure triangle.

there are a couple of links below for people to read up on and watch an explanation on you tube, there are also thousands out there some are better than others and others may suit your personal skills better than others.

Definitely worth reading until you understand as these are the fundamentals behind a well exposed image.

If you have a reasonable camera with auto settings it’s always handy to set on auto, note the settings it comes up with then have a play around these settings to see how the changes you make alter the images.

Hope this helps if not ask away


Also shoot RAW where ever you can, makes editing a little easier if you knob up exposure ;o)


I’ve been playing about with exposures (aperture priority)in the last week and using the f11 rule and letting camera set exposure and iso, For getting sharper shots of wildlife.
Seem to be working well so far.
Correct settings has always been a bit of a Pandora’s box for me and often just go with my instinct at the time of shooting :thinking: :pray: :rofl:
Normally use manual only (since the 70’s)

I’ve found this guy very good at explaining things . .

I’ve seen a few of his video’s before and yes he does explain quite clearly in layman’s terms, well worth watching! :slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent :+1:

rob I shoot a lot of sports especially sailing and generally use shutter priority with a minimum of 1/1000 and keeping an eye on aperture and iso makes sure you get crisp images, if the camera is handling images well with ap priority try it and see how it goes

of course if you’re shooting a hedgehog not so much of a problem.


How did you get it to stay still for so long. It’d take me ages to go and get my camera, check battery, card, focus, aperture. :grinning:


GREAT shot :+1: Ah the advantage of a tripod, pre-set focus nicely locked off so the lens doesn’t go hunting, and an auto shutter release device - then can sit, relax and when things happen you just press the button. Time-lapse the hedgehog perhaps ? probably better than slow-mo :joy: :joy:

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@silverfox682 no tripod or auto shutter release just good old timing and a fast shutter


In that case its hats off time to you :+1: :+1:
Im a lazy git at times, so I sit at a scene I’m after, set it all up and just press the remote while supping a coffee - my bad lol