Duke of Lancaster Mostyn nth Wales


Hi did you get any bother flying over this boat?

Have thought about it a few times, but know the security is a bit precious up there.


No problem at all no one there
Dropped pin
Flew from link

Thank you :+1:

Careful parking in market area nearly locked in closed at 1700 i parked there but I think you can drive around

Ha yes indeed, not the sort of place you want to get locked in is it!

Was that used as a night club some 40 years ago?

I think it’s been used for several things there is a lot of info on the internet I was talking with a local she said the owners have tried all sorts but council have denied them surprise surprise

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The nightclub never came about, the official reason was that the bridge over the railway line was not capable of supporting fire engines in the case of any emergency.