Dunnottar Castle - April 19th 2021

My take on this stunning location. Got chatting to one of the Rangers, and asked him about flying around the castle, his reply “we can’t stop you flying, as long as you stay 50m away”, which we both agreed boiled down to “don’t be a dick!”


Nice :+1:t2:try fading out at the end and cut the blank screen :nerd_face: and get out over the water :ok_hand:t3: fortune favours the brave, go for the shot! forget the fear :sunglasses: Amazing shots from the other side await you :grin:

Thanks for the tips. I only have the mavic mini , so out over the water while keeping a respectful distance might stretch it a little

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Beautiful spot and footage, thanks for sharing

Sorry couldn’t watch it for too long, the transition times are far too long

yeah those were supposed to be filled with extra footage, but thought I’d try to build a bit of suspense wand leave them blank…didn’t work, lesson learned.