Eaglesham moors near Whitlee wind farm

Quick flight near Whitelee wind farm today with mavic.

Plan was way point flight with the disco but didn’t quite go to plan.


After watching loads of 100mph fixed wing videos this week, this is the calmest video I’ve seen in a long time :rofl:

Nice one @callum :+1:

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Cheers Rich

Nice Calum how did you find the track you used?
Did you fly in tripod mode? Very stable flight

Found him on YouTube and visited his SoundCloud.

Messaged him and he’s happy for anyone to use his remixes or originals as long as you give a mention and link to his SoundCloud.

All just filmed in standard flight mode. Few sections given speed ramp up and down to around 180% in premiere.
The panning shot was done really really really slow and sped up in post to avoid motion blur but not too happy how it turned out. Need to work on that.
Last shot was timelapse on action cam.

Thanks for the info looks really professional I have to say

I’ll take my time over the summer and try out some of what you have done

That’s if we get the weather…

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Cheers Jeff.

99% of my clips are not intentional. I just record everything and take out the parts that look alright.

Starting to realise it’s all about the editing, not how well you fly.