Early Mavic Air efforts


Started off in anger during 2018, then a family bereavement grounded me for a few months.

Here are my early efforts, comments criticism all welcome as I’m a complete newbie!


Dam fine effort .
What you going to be like when you’ve mastered it …

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Great vids!

All canal based …. were you travelling by boat, or was that just a coincidence?

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Really good stuff. You’re developing a great technique and have a great eye for both flying and editing.
The only thing I’d say is I prefer not to see the pilot in the shot unless it’s for a specific reason, to set the scene at the start etc. Be interested to hear if that just me being me and if others like to see it?
Like I said, great work though, really good.

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Enjoyed watching, thanks for posting

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Nice editing. :ok_hand:

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Thanks :slight_smile: Yes agreed, I must concentrate on not getting myself in there. Videos 2 and 3 were me just out on the bike along the Forth and Clyde Canal (just North of Glasgow). Its part of the National Cycle Network and there are lot of flying opportunities. Video one was shot during a drive to the Carron Valley, agin just North of Glasgow. Bit more restrictive in terms of geo-fencing as Glasgow Airport radars are dotted around that area, but not too bad.

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