Early morning Calshot Beach

This was more like what I was trying to get the other week.
Decided to use Litchi, which does an amazing job.
Constant speed. :white_check_mark:
Constant camera heading. :white_check_mark: (See how the power station chimney is totally fixed!:+1:)
Low and moderately fast. :white_check_mark:

Straight off the SD Card - just trimmed and knocked down to 1080.

Hmmmm - my phone’s video edit (trimming) has introduced a twitch. Frame rates. It’s trimming - no need to change frame rates! #Meh



Recorded on MP at 23.98fps (though how/when I changed it to that I have no idea) - trimming on my phone (default edit app) changed it to 23fps … hence the frame drop ever second. (23? FFS!! Why? 23!!)

Perhaps the record rate is set in the app (change of app - change of setting) … and using Litchi changed it.
But, looked back, and last Litchi video was also 30fps.
When/How did that change!
Need to investigate.

24fps (23.98)? I don’t use 24fps! Always 30! (29.97 …. bloody americans … it’s time you abandoned decimals! That was all analogue NTSC. No longer needed!)

Used a couple of other video “editing” apps that I find useful on my phone (just for simple trimming/resizing video) to check what they would do, and also PowerDirector …

  • Video2Me - Kept 23.98. Moderately accurate trimming (albeit only to 0.1 secs), and it’s a pain resizing (in as much as it’s almost impossible to select a specific size as you scroll through it’s range of offerings. 1080 and 720 evaded me.) It does wander off and complete the exercise in background and notifies you when complete.

  • InShot - Kept 23.98 - Accurate trimming is a doddle and resizes a treat to the usual sizes, and custom sizes available too. You can return to the last edit, later, too … and make additional tweaks. :+1:
    (I may squander money on the ad free version of this [£2.69]. I rather like its simplicity.) It also does some video editing and photo editing, though never used for either function.

  • PowerDirector - This decided to output at 24fps (as in 24.00000!) You have to set up a project (meh!), but trimming is quite easy (and an expandable timeline means trimming is “frame accurate”!) and it does offer you the usual sizes (inc 4k!). And, being project based, you can go back to a saved project at any time to tinker with it further.

So - winner today - InShot - and this was it’s twitch-less version …


Excellent . You must redo at 30 FPS !

You arrange the sun and the weather, I’ll be there. :wink:

It’s not too bad in the final 24fps version.

A point ! I have got a 23fps vid I’ve not re-done . It wasn’t litchi . But I think I’ll go back and do it again with litchi.

23 was a manifestation on my phone when trimming the 24fps. I checked … the MP was set at 24, somehow.
I also checked, the settings are held on the MP, so changing app picks up where the other left off.

There’s just no use for 24, these days. Only any relevance in celluloid film projection. They should remove it.

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