Earwig goes digital (at last)

So, I finally cracked and splashed out on Walksnail gear.


The plan is to start with the Nazgul - which has always been problematic in the video department - and the Darwin79, which is my current favourite flyer.

The first task is to work out how I’m mounting all the new hardware. As a starter for 10, the Naz frame has 30x30 or 20x20 mounting holes available to me, and despite reading/hearing this sort of thing a few times while I was researching:

“In addition to the original 25mm x 25mm mounting holes, the VTX module now includes 20mm x 20mm holes” - Oscar Liang

…they actually don’t have 20x20 holes, they have M2 nuts welded onto the heatsink in a 20x20 formation. :angry:

This is probably workable on the Naz, as it will occupy its own space, but for the '79 it means mounting it upside-down at the top of the flight stack, and despite having a box of over 200 M2 screws, none of them are going to be long enough to be able to do that, so there’s yet more shopping in my future.


Standard in this hobby! :rofl:


May be worth seeing if you can 3D print a mount or adapter. There used to be loads for DJI stuff so sure it will be the same for walkssnail


Fortunately I have a complete design and make capability in-house. I do need to invest in a better Vernier caliper though. I wish I’d remembered that when I was ordering my M2 screws. :slight_smile:

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:+1: :+1: :clap:
ELRS and Walksnail both in the same month :smiley:
Welcome to the ‘light side’ Jez

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Damn this retail therapy. If only it worked. :roll_eyes:

I also have ELRS receivers arriving for the rest of the fleet. Thought I may as well pick them up while I was replacing the GPS for the Naz, whose JST socket I managed to rip off during tear-down (literally, remember that ham-fistedness I mentioned? :laughing: ).

Anyway, there’ll be some pre-loved CRSF Nanos heading for the 2nd-hand market in the near future. :wink:


Oooh about time I upgraded!

Bog Off… the’re mine !! :laughing: :laughing:

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Haha. Don’t fear Stevie. I binned one off as a freebie the other week myself. Oh didn’t that end up with you anyways. Nearly binned it but thought someone like some antique tech

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:+1: :laughing:

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Productive lunch hour.

Desperately trying to finagle the camera or VTX under the ESC without having to disconnect any motors.

Sorted. :slight_smile:

And it only bloody works! :tada:

Even got the OSD on, but I’m currently on BF 4.3, so I only seem to have access to the left-hand 60% of the screen. Still, result!

Cue 40 days of rain…


FYI regarding the Nazgul on BF4.3, in case it helps:

Thanks. I did actually read through that. I don’t really intend to upgrade to 4.4, being very much of the “If it ain’t broke send it 'til it is don’t fix it,” school. The OSD is working but there just isn’t enough room in the 4.3 UI to arrange on a HD screen. I may have a tinker and see if I can fudge it through the CLI. If that fails then maybe I’ll consider upgrading.

Yeh, before upgrading to BF4.5 I did spend some time trying to bash the CLI to give it a HD canvas; there do seem to be settings to do that, but when I tried I ended up with no OSD. Spent about an hour on it before going “sod it, BF4.5 hail mary upgrade it is”.

Worth though, imo, now I have OSD profiles for w/ and w/o GPS:

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Oooh, this damn hobby! :laughing:

Had my first ‘HD’ flight last night and the Walksnail is amazing. Yes, yes, I should’ve done it sooner. Being able to actually see the power lines rather than just knowing they’re there is a real QOL improvement. :grin:

Take note of the pilot - this will be important later.

And the obligatory video. Honestly, you’ve seen it all before from me, only more blurry. The only interesting feature is the demonstration of just how unflustered the cattle are to the quad, and that’s in the first 20 seconds, so you can have a look at that and then get on with your life.


I’m hoping ELRS wasn’t a mistake. Despite range claims of ~2km for the EP2 receiver I’m using, I had sudden 100% RX loss at ~360m (80m up), in the middle of nowhere, with direct line of sight (as far as I can tell).

I appreciate the 2km claim is probably under ideal conditions, but I’m barely over a quarter of that. Maybe I did actually manage to lose LOS, although I don’t see how. Maybe I’m just expecting too much. To be fair, I don’t usually stray that far anyway. I guess I was over-confident due to the unusually good video feed. :slight_smile:


In the hour or so I was there, I never got a satellite lock. I’ve replaced the TBS M8-2 unit, which was previously working (but I broke during disassembly :man_facepalming:) with a RushFPV GNSS Mini. Power and ready lights were lit but never got a fix, so no GPS Rescue and a bit of a long walk when it went down - thank goodness for the goggle DVR to review and the finder beeper. Back on the bench and BetaFlight isn’t even seeing it as connected (I don’t expect a fix indoors), so the only thing I can think of is that I’ve mixed the TX and RX wires, despite checking which way they should go about a gazillion times. :rofl:

Oh well, it keeps me out of trouble, I suppose. And from getting on with more important things that I ought to be doing. And spending time with family… :roll_eyes: :laughing:

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Probably you had a setting wrong. There are loads…

Helpful. :rofl:


No, I know I have some homework to do. Working is one thing. Working properly is another.

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I love the cheapness and availability of the ELRS stuff but for me you just can’t beat the reliability of the crossfire ecosystem. I’m not being a fanboy or anything like that, I just prefer the ease of use and reliability that the crossfire system is renowned for.

In the whole time that I’ve been using crossfire not once have I had a failsafe. and as for install they just set themselves up and away they go barely any settings to mess with bar the usual output power/frequency.

You just can’t beat the simplicity of the system but agreed you pay for it too and have to suffer through the stock issues (although that seems to be less of an issue these days) I think I prefer to pay the extra to make sure that the ££££ that I’m launching into the sky comes back to me. (insert lost wing joke here, I’ve heard them all. But that wasn’t down to crossfire that was down to the stupid pilot)


The walksnail VTX and GPS do not play nicely.
Copper tape around the wires to the GPS to shield especially if they go near the VTX

But love that you love digital.

ELRS has loads of setting with out teaching you to suck eggs. Make sure the power it in hundreds of milli watts … It will connect at 25mW and you think everything is fine.

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