East & West Coast of Scotland

Some photos from the weekend at South Queensferry on the east coast and the South Ayrshire coast on the west at Turnberry & Maidens. Shot on the Mini 2 and Mavic 2 Pro

Firth of Forth Mini 2 - 1/1000sec @ f2.8, 100iso

Mavic 2 Pro - 1/320sec @ f7.1, 100iso

Maidens Harbour Mini 2 - 3 image manual pano - 1/1600sec @ f2.8, 100iso

Turnberry - Mavic 2 Pro - 1/320sec @ f8, 100iso


Awesome pics as usual :ok_hand:t3:

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Thanks @Trailblazer :+1:

Absolutely stunning photos.

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Great pics. Hope Pres Trump doesn’t see them - he’ll probably try to charge you you a fee!


Will you please pack it in @Drumsagard , you are putting the rest of us to shame.
Excellent images… as we have come to expect !!

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Thanks Phil :+1:

Thanks Andrew :+1: He can try lol, but his whole golf course can be seen from the beach :joy:

:joy:Thanks Rob :+1:

Brilliant pictures especially the mini2 alongside mavic 2 pro👍

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Thanks David :+1: The Mini 2 images do take a bit of processing to get right, but they do look great when done.

Nicely done :clap::ok_hand:

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Cheers Colin :+1:

Once again John great photos an inspiration to all to get out there and try and do the same

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Thanks Denis :+1: