Ebay drone buyer numpty

Rant time :frowning:

I recently sold a drone airframe on ebay - it was an Eachine X220s modified for use with a DJI air unit, and was fitted with an Infinity 30 FC stack.

The buyer clearly didn’t read the ad, and has started an ebay return with the comment “Insufficient parts to make a flying model. Supplied with a Infinity rev D, no Info on this main board should read Wizard x220. The Infinity board is obsolete unless I have a manual. No receiver, camera and controller, or battery.”

Well the ad was clearly for the airframe only ( plus a complete spare airframe pack and several sets of props ) with the FC and motors fitted but nothing else - it specifically stated the DJI air unit was not included. No mention made of ‘controller’ or battery being included. FC wiring diagram is on the New Bee Drone website.

I suspect he’s a complete novice, and expected a complete ‘ready to fly’ drone for £70 - sadly it is me who is likely to end up out of pocket if ebay insist I pay return postage as well as refund the price the drone sold for inc. outbound postage too :frowning:

You both should be good. Just argue the case logically.

I sold a “portable battery air bed pump” ages ago. The buyer complained. He said it wasn’t portable because it needed batteries :man_shrugging:

Ebay let me keep the money, ebay refunded the buyer. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

I’d happily refund him the price of the drone as long as he pays postage in both directions.

For now I’ve reported him for making a false claim for the return


I saw this advertised on ebay, and I am new to drones, but I read it and knew what it was, you listed it up clear enough.


That’s awful!

I’m sorry to say but some people lie to eBay and just try it on.

I have had people bid and win on an item and later initiate a return. When i quizzed one person why, he said he he’d bid on two identical item and won both and didn’t need mine.

I told him that the auction stated no returns for change of mind (only if faulty )… and he admitted it was in good order. I reluctantly accepted a return but then he complained that i wouldn’t pay the return postage!

I know… some people’s selfishness beggars belief. I doubt he would be so obliging with the shoe on the other foot. I was fortunate to get it back in one piece.; another potential can of worms

Selling on ebay just gets worse & worse. There are still some good buyers, you have to be 100% clear ( I’m not suggesting you weren’t ) The title is the most important bit, which can take a while to get right, then you just have to hope you get one of those good buyers. Also it’s very important that you post tracked & signed for.

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slightly OT but i nearly always sell with a make an offer type of sale… when someone sends an offer i do my research on their reputation/feedback and decide if they have bad feedback whether to bother or not.

I never send out of the UK so I also check everyone who makes an offer is in the UK. It’s annoying to get a payment, ending the auction, only to find they are in Poland and want the P&P of £2.49 they paid, to cover it!