Edinburgh advice needed

Hi there

I am a new owner of the Mavic Air 2 and really excited to get it into the air, any Edinburgh drone fans got any advice on areas that are off bounds and any good areas for first flight? I stay in granton area

Thanks in advance


Have you passed your drone operators licence test?

yes I have last week

OK, go to Drone Scene and you will be able to see places in your area where you can fly.

thank it looked like nowhere in Edinburgh lol but will have to examine it better

You might have to travel sometimes, most on here do.

yes just been reading a few other messages and yep looks like a wee country trip or two ahead. wish I knew other drone users in Edinburgh

Check out the users map, there are a few in your area.

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users map? I don’t know what that is sorry?

Click on the lines top right and you will see the Members map

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hey thank you guys I really appreciate you helping me out like this

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I used to head to Traprain Law when I lived in Porty. And Dowlaw Hill near Cockburnspath.

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great thank you and these are a good spot to learn, easy enough to get to as I have a car, crappy weather again today but tomoz is suppose to be better, might try then

When its not crap like it is today… Braidhill is a nice open place to fly. I have had plenty of fun up there even teaching my daughter to fly there…

ah brilliant and I take it there is little obstacles that I can damage lol. so keen to try it out but nervous too lol

It’s big open spaces, not too many people or easy to avoid them, several golf courses, and some great views of the city.

great thank Natts, really appreciate this will be going tomorrow for definite if your going shout

Dronescene is a very well put together site. It can look a little sparse in sone areas but that’s where we all come in.
If you find places that are safe to fly, are out of restricted areas etc in your area. Grab some stills or video, some information about the area, parking etc and upload it to the dronscene site.
Enjoy your flying.


Unfortunately I am working tomorrow or would have joined you…