Edlingham Castle

Hi Folks, so i was up in Northumberland this weekend in Alnwick to visit my bro. If you like castles and old ruins, we went to 5 in one day. Unfortunately the weather was not my friend and the wind was blowing a gale all weekend. Apart from Sunday when we were leaving to head back to the midlands. This castle was just down the road from where i was staying so popped in on our way home.Hope you enjoy.


Really smooth flying, loved the fly through, well done Jay.

Really glad you went back because I really did enjoy :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Nice video and great flying! I really need to try flying through old castle windows, looks great :+1:t2:
Is that wall really leaning at 0:50 or is it your lens and how do you manage to find castles with no one there? :grinning:

Really good, I like the walkthrough and pan and tilt.

What speed is your gimble?

Great video.

Thanks guys. The wall is falling, if you look carefully you can see its being held from falling by 3 steel braces.

My gimble is set to default settings I try to be as sensitive as I can with my left finger.

I love flying through things, on my first visit to Chatterly Whitfield I flew through the mine head and I flew top to bottom down a cooling tower at willington power station. (All on my YouTube channel) I’m sure one day my luck will run out.

I really do appreciate your comments.


Oh and as for noone being there… early morning on a Sunday is the secret. Most people like a lie in lol.

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