ELRS 3.x and SPI?

I’m likely to wipe my radio and set everything from scratch but also time to upgrade to ELRS 3. Anyone used an SPI RX on BF 4.4 and ELRS 3.x?

So what you’re asking is that you want upgrade to elrs 3.x?
I see you are thinking of bf4.4 via spi?

Yeah it’s the SPI that’s the issue. Guess need to make sure are builds for all the SPI RXs I have (2) the others be fine. About time I went to v3 but just been concerned of upgrading those 2!

Wish I could help. But I don’t use elrs. Or spi receivers :grin:

I’ve done that on my Zorro and have had no problems, both my meteor75 and crux3 are spi elrs and were upgraded to BF 4.4 as part of the process…

Good to know. It’s more the BF4.4 and the settings for PIDs etc I worry about more than the ELRS side tbh

It’s 2023… Still on “Crappy Radio Signal Failsafe”?

I just switched all my tinywhoops to Quicksilver anyway… it supports ELRS SPI 3.x in the latest.

I used the site recommended by Bardwell when upgrading from previous versions to prepare the cli dump for the new version, but to be honest, saving your settings and configuring from scratch might be a cleaner solution (especially if you don’t have to much going on)

Have one whoop with spi ELRS and one non whoop. Will look into that too.

Yes. I like fresh starts at times so yeah indeed. Full radio wipe to latest edge tx too heh

If you’ve not tried it, it can be a bit strange to configure… feel free to drop me a line for help.

Cheers will do. 2 x 5 inches to build first heh

It works fine, just be aware that not all the ELRS refresh rates are available in the BF/ELRS3/SPI flash, the 250Hx definitely is but others don’t work, like 333Hz.