Encounter with other Air Users

I was flying my M2 at about 100 feet along Aberdovey beach yesterday. Nobody else within a few hundred yards and I heard a single engine aircraft noise in the distance. I started to reduce height on the drone towards the sand as I could not see anything flying towards me.

I got the M2 to about 20 feet when s small low wing single engine plane popped up over the top of the dunes at about 50 feet and flew over me at about 50 feet…

Moral of the story is always trust your instincts when you hear or see anything unusual.

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of it as the drone was flying towards me and in the haste to reduce altitude I forgot to press the camera button :frowning:

Probably worth flagging to the CAA as an Airprox to be fair. Unless you were flying right beside an active aerodrome or there was a NOTAM in force then that plane shouldn’t have been operating at that height.

Manned aviation should be a minimum of 500ft unless taking off or landing.


Yes I am a licensed private pilot with an instrument rating (FAA).

That is probably a good idea but I did not get his tail number.


Steve just be proud of the way in which handled the situation your a credit to the responsible drone flyers out there, well done you :+1::+1::+1:
Regards Dave


Seconded. And apologies for inadvertently teaching grandmother to suck eggs - didn’t realise you were a pilot!

What time of day was it?

I had a similar thing whilst on the caravan site, again so intent on losing altitude as quickly as possible I didn’t think about getting a number. I contemplated Airprox but decided with no ID it probably would be wasting time. I also found it very difficult to judge the height of the aircraft.

About 5 ish.

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Was at the Wensleydale show on Saturday - saw a microlight fly over at about 75 feet (my guess, but pretty damn low) - worth a tut tut tut?

Again, did not get any ID and did not think to photograph it.

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Yeah, I’ve had a motorised para-glider fly right over my head very low (50 ft at most) before now. Thankfully I was more alert than he was and had brought the drone in and landed well before he got close, (I saw him coming in my direction from a long way off and my spidey senses tingled), I’m not sure how well in control of his rig he actually was.