Errrrm hi from North Essex

Hi all, I’m a Yuneec Typhoon H owner form north Essex.Didn’t see any restrictions on UAV manufacturer so thought I’d join up.


Welcome aboard, how is it to fly, it looks a real monster! Would love to hear about it

Welcome to the friendliest U.K. drone forum. Almost bought a mint second hand ‘H’ some time ago but didn’t after reading some reviews - can’t remember why not! Anyway all makes and models welcome here - enjoy your stay.

Welcome to Grey Arrows @Kimyfa :smiley:

What’s that Typhoon H like to fly??

I looks an absolute beast of a machine :+1:

Hi, Thanks for the welcome, not having flown anything else its hard to compare. Its very stable, can be nimble nimble for its size, looks as cool as hell with the legs retracted and yeah I guess pretty good. Never had any issues and I logged a good few hours with it. Bought the H as I like the idea of redundancy; lose a prop or a motor and you still have 5 left to keep you airborne.

Welcome to the forum.

Typhoon H was almost my first drone. Love the features but needed something a bit smaller.

Did you get the model with Intel real sense?

I still might get one at some point, looks like a beast in the air.

No I was a very early adopter before realsense was released.
Yes it is big to carry around, would be nice to be smaller but was interested in undertaking commercial flying so seemed 6 rotors was better than 4. Also harder to lose sight of in the sky :grin:

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