Estimated price for these parts

Hello all

So quick question I bought a few parts to repair a P4 gimble but then decided to just outright buy the entire set

How much do you think the following parts would be worth second hand?

P4 camera top half (where the sd card goes and connects to the 3in1)

The arm kit (minus the yaw motor but including the roll motor and ESC)

And the P4 camera and pitch motor (obviously factoring in the chipped glass and cosmetic damage)

Going to see if I can recoup the money from the entire unit replacement.

Your opinions would be very much appreciated

I always gauge a second hand item value by searching the “sold” listings on eBay.

Not sure these parts will all be on there though, but worth a look.

Done that hard to guess so put it up based on used cost for £100 all told with offers as seems about as close as I can get (not expecting to sell for that though)