EU 2020 drone reg's - Drones 900g and up require a test centre visit?


I’ve got a Zino 2 on preorder, it weighs 930grams. That’s why I’m asking about this. I understand the mavic 2 weighs just over 900grams also and so this also applies to mavic 2 users.

Here are the incoming EU rules for July 2020: New EASA drone rules - 1 July 2020

It states that if you fly a drone above 900g, you will not be allowed to fly it over uninvolved people.
The new rules also state that you will need to pass an additional test, at a test centre, which is bound to cost. That’s in addition to the online test.
There is one caveat. This chart seems to suggest that you only need to take the additional test centre test if you intend to fly your above 900g drone over uninvolved people. But the UK’s own drone laws say you can’t fly a drone with a Camera within 50 metres of uninvolved people anyway, so therefore this additional test centre test shouldn’t even be relevant to UK drone users, would it?

Even though it seems that way, I was reading earlier that a site is being set up for UK drone users to take the test centre test. Which doesn’t make sense if like I said, UK drone laws states you are not allowed to fly a camera drone within 50m of uninvolved people.

I’m trying to figure out if I should cancel my preorder and get a drone that weighs less than 900g. As long as I won’t have to go for an additional test centre exam I won’t have a problem with flying an above 900g drone because I won’t be flying it over uninvolved people anyway.

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