Even Later Starter from the East Midlands

Browsing through the introductions I noticed one that was headed Late Starter, and they were only 61! Well my name is Brian and after a long career in the Army (27 years) followed by 24 years in the Civil Service I am no retired and live in the bottom of Lincolnshire near the border with Rutland. And I turn 75 in April.

A lifelong photography enthusiast in film and digital I somehow seem to have regarded drones as the b roll tools of YouTubers until recently, when I took a closer interest. Having flown helicopters and having a son who is currently a Royal Navy helicopter pilot, I can’t understand why drones have been off my radar for so long. I suppose I initially thought of them as toys (forgive me) but I seem to have been bitten and just taken delivery of a shiny new Mini 3 Pro. Literally just, as all I have done in the 24 hours I’ve owned it is register it with the CAA, charge up the drone and the RC, update the software, calibrate it and browse this forum.

So, and apologies for this rambling into, expect all the usual novice questions, although I’ll try and search for the answers first mods. and I look forward to meeting some of you, if not in person, within these pages.



Hi Brian @bonneville and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Yep, thank you. I’ve stuck myself on the map in Corby Glen on the A151.


Hi Brian and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Hello Brian,
Welcome to GADC… :smiley: :+1: :+1:

Hi Brian - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

@bonneville welcome

Welcome to GADC


Hi Brian welcome to the club

Hi Brian. Welcome to GADC. Look fwd to seeing your photos and footage. Great hobby, You’ll love it!

75! A mere child!
My first drone was an 80th birthday present to myself.
I try to fly every few days but where I live is a regular training area for helicopters from RAF Shawbury. I am not in one of the restricted zones but they use a wind turbine about 300mts away as a way marker and often approach it below 150 ft and at speed. This all means when I know they are about I leave the bird in its box. Not sure my insurance company would cover a new helicopter. I am loathe to complain as I fear they will just extend the no-fly zone.
Flying Shroppie

Hi Brian welcome from an even older starter, I am 83!

Hi, Late Starter. Age is how you feel and that can vary day to day - by decades! Like you I treated myself to a Mini3 pro this christmas (2022) and I am gradually getting to grips with the aircraft having watched many YouTube tutorials on the subject. I am making all the usual mistakes of a beginner - being impatient, rushing at it, trying to run before learning to walk, leaving the gimab cover on (naughty) and trying to do too many things at once. I am recording all these mistakes with a view to oublishing the video clips on my YouTube channel as a warning to others. Fortunately, I have not caused any damage to myself, the dorne or the suroundings - yet.
Oh, I forgot to mention I will be 84 in April.

Well, what a great welcome. Thank you everyone, and especially from the three octogenarians. Just goes to prove that age is nothing more than a number and its what’s between the ears that counts (even though the rest is falling to bits!)


Welcome to the forum Brian, enjoy your flying, its addictive, and i’m positively a youngster at 74 lol

Hi Brian @bonneville and welcome to GADC from a bit further up in darkest Lincolnshire. :smiley:

Hi Brian.