Even more new badges, and a new feature too!

Further to the recent new badges for meetups, we’ve recently added a few more badges which are also tied in to a new feature on the forums here too.

I’ll explain the badges first, then the feature to which they’re connected.

Announcing the “Grey Arrows Support” badges :clap:t2:

We have a new section of Badges which contains three badges. A Bronze, Silver and Gold (well, as close to those colours as we can get anyway).

The Bronze Help Desk badge is awarded for providing the first accepted answer to a question:


“What the *&%^$@ does that mean?!” I hear you say.

I’ll explain in a moment…

The Silver Tech Support badge is awarded for providing ten “accepted” answers to questions:


And last but not least, the all important Gold Problem Solver badge is awarded for answering twenty five questions:


Right then!

How do you get these badges?

Head over to our Questions and Answers category.

Anyone who asks a question in this category now has the ability to mark any answer in their topic as being the ‘Solution’. The person who posted the marked ‘solution’ is then awarded the Bronze Help Desk badge.

Still with me?

Here’s an example.

I recently asked a question around Litchi flight records:

Litchi flight records only contains 'connected' data?

Because I was the original poster (OP) of that thread, I now have a tick box available to me on each reply in that thread:

I then simply tick the reply that best answers my question.

In this case, it was Dave’s reply that provided the answer to my question, so I clicked on the tick which then turns green and marks Dave’s answer as the ‘solution’:

The ‘solution’ is also then linked in to the first post, so people with the same question can quickly see there is an answer available:

Unlike some badges which are issued automatically by the forum I had to do something quite different to get this feature up and running, so these “Grey Arrows Support” badges will be issued automatically once every 24hrs as part of a forum background / housekeeping task. So if you see one of your answers marked as a ‘Solution’ don’t panic if when the badge doesn’t arrive right away. You will receive the relevant badge within 24hrs of that point.

Hope that all makes sense!


Hope that first post all made sense?

I have a request for you, on behalf of everyone who has ever helped you :blush:

If you have asked a question in the past and received a reply which solved your problem or answered your question, please go back in to your post and mark the relevant reply as being the ‘solution’.

This will thank the helpful member by awarding them the badge :+1:

How do you remember which questions you’ve asked or find the topics?

Thankfully the forum software knows the answer to this question :+1:

  1. Go to the Advanced Search options: Search results for '' - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK
  2. Enter your name in the ‘Posted by’ section
  3. Set the first drop down list item to ‘are the very first post’

Like so:

  1. Click on the blue Submit button at the bottom:

You’ll then be taken to a page showing all the topics you have created in the #questions-and-answers section.


Likewise, hope this makes sense too!

Shout if you have any questions around these new badges or this new feature :+1:


It would appear that very shortly there will lots of badges flying around, so could I suggest there is a badge for “Not Having a Badge”, badge. :smiling_imp:


You could Peter… but then you’d be awarded a badge for not having a badge. Which means you’d then have a badge…


So you’d no longer be eligible for the badge for not having a badge…

Or something like that anyway :rofl:


Plus he already has 12 so he definitely wouldn’t qualify :smiley:

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I didn’t know I had so many badges, I think I should be treated with a bit more respect!!


I wonder if there is a respect badge :thinking::grinning:

Congratulations to @Photorjp @Gadgerman @StevenPSCC @OzoneVibe @Njoro @frogbmth @callum @Abacus @Jcborden @RaRaRasputin

You guys are the first batch of bronze Help Desk badge ‘awardees’, so on behalf of everyone you helped, thank you :clap:t2:



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Some of you will have noticed a couple of additional badges have been established and some of you already received them.



All those that entered the 2017 Firework Challenge have been awarded the Firework Flyer badge.

Note: A night-time photo with fireworks can be only be awarded the Firework Flyer badge, not the Night Flyer badger as well.

Also, following a recent spate of misty/foggy photos/videos, several Misty Moments badges have been awarded.

Oooh… I think i missed this Discourse update? :stuck_out_tongue: Liking the evolution of the forum :+1: