Exe Estuary 360 Pano

A lovely day here in the SW for a quick flight and another 360.


Here is the conventional panorama stitched in lightroom of the same view.
Which do you prefer? The interactive Kuula or the image where you can see everything in one image?
I have to say as a traditionalist the second image is my preference.
I would be interested to hear other peoples views.

Kuula for me, maybe check the stitch error, but apart from that I like the full interactive stuff it offers

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The stitch error in the Kuula seems to have come from the on-board M2P processing.
I took 3 360’s from slightly different heights and the the other 2 had no stitch error. As can be seen below.
Odd that one of the three should have a faulty stitch.

Definitely! Kuula doesn’t do any stitching whatsoever.

The wonders of stitching.

From my research I know most stitching programs prioritise horizontal and vertical line matching as an initial routine before looking for “features” to match, and in the first one it seems to have matched two horizontal lines that are not the same line … but also ignored the other lines of the clouds and horizon.


The general lack of detail toward the horizon doesn’t help.
Lack of detail is the bane of stitching, as is too much detail that repetitive … as was the case in this one that I tried re-working recently.


Thanks and useful info on limitations of stitching. I’m still amazed how good LR is at almost perfect stitching. The above pano is 7 images.
Your example ‘Trevone’?

Trevone - Standard M1P’s automatic 34 images.

I’ve also taken ones, completely manually in 25 images, using the M1P. This also gives full manual exposure control.

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That worked out well. What did you use to stitch the 25 shots?
Have you tried experimenting with different heights. Is their an ‘ideal’ height for 360’s?

Chances are I used Microsoft ICE (Windows only - Free) on that one, since there was lots of ideal detail for the stitching to work well.

Heights - that very much depends on the subject (I’ve even done one in my garden at 6ft.) … and if I’m aiming to do a Tiny Planet.

TPs often look more interesting if items project above the height of the drone … tall chimneys and the like. (Not mine)

Some great ideas there. I will be experimenting.