Exeter + Flight Plan Logging

Yesterday I took my very good friend Matt out to fly his drone for the first time.
He has a Mavic 1P but has been too nervous to fly it.

We flew in Exeter in a park near double locks!
Lots of space, drone code compliant and the people we saw who asked questions were polite, genuinely interested and not judgemental at all.

One person asked us to stay clear of Exeter airport, but he was joking and I replied that we’ve done airports before, they just go quiet. It was all good fun and we laughed before they moved on.

Now… When planning a flight do you guys log your plan using Altitude Angel? I use the Drone Assist App (NATS?).

It was super easy to do and if it does show other air users that we are there flying then that can only be a good thing.

Anyway… here is the Pano from yesterday. I managed to capture the light reflecting on the water too.


I use the NATs to log flights. Might have a look at altitude angel out of curiousity.

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Brian I think NATS logging is powered by Altitude Angel?!?!

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Another vote for Drone Assist :+1:
Nice pano as well

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I’m going to have to remember that one :rofl:

Yeah it’s the same thing :+1:t2:

I realised that after I’d posted the reply, it took a few mins for the old grey matter to wake up.

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