Exeter Newbie

Can anyone suggest where I might learn to fly a drone around the Exeter, Dartmoor, Devon area please? Thanks.

Assuming you live in the area, you have an abundance of idyllic photo/video opportunities there.
I love this area, so much to see, Teignmouth, Shaldon, the Ness & Ness cove, River Teign. The three sisters Dartmoor & Widecombe. The River Exe from Exeter to Dawlish Warren don’t forget Topsham. There are two steam railways close by. Look at Brixham, Kingswear & Dartmouth. Seaton tramway. Devon is your Oyster and that is to name a few sights. Mate go and enjoy

Hi Mel,
Thank you for your suggestions as to where to fly in Devon. I certainly do live in a beautiful area of the country.
I think what concerns me the most is trying to fly safely and within any local laws or restrictions. I know that drones are not allowed in many parts of Dartmoor for example, and as a complete newbie, I will be avoiding flying too close to water!
Thanks again, good to hear from you.

Good evening Paul

What can I say…I have only in recent months gained my PfCO
I also class myself as a newbie
You will have more knowledge of local laws than I
I may wish to call on your source pool occasionally if you don’t mind?
I also wish to fly safely and legally as do most bods
I have outlaws in the Teignmouth area and usually take two weeks visiting each year
I wish I had gainful employment in your part of the world
I wish you well and good flying
I hope to see some of video/pictures
All the best

Hi Mel,
Thanks again for your email. Congratulations on gaining your PfCO by the way.
I will start flying in the New Year and hope to learn lots about the local area. I will indeed send you a photo or two when I have some. I have never been one for taking video, but who knows, this may be the start of something!
Enjoy your flying and stay safe.

Hi Paul
I’m not far away from you in Exeter. Sadly, I’m bang under the airport flight path - I have a big garden that’s otherwise ideal for practice flying, but because of the airport zone I am looking for other practice areas within driving distance. Any suggestions?

I’ve flown from Exmouth beach and up the Exe from the Marina end too. Awesome at sunset.