EXIF Editor And Lack of Info

As an amateur photographer, and I emphasize amateur even tho’ I’ve done it most of my life, I like to see what my counterparts are shooting: e.g. aperture priority, lens, ISO, etc. and the information that’s captured in the EXIF data. I’ve checked the EXIF data on my X5 (not the X5S but anticipate similar results) and started to look at some download photos on this site. I have no idea if a download from the internet strips EXIF data as none of the photos I’ve examined show any data whatsoever, post download. I will likely answer my own question and download a photo from the internet and suspect for whatever reasons, this data does not travel with the file.

A good point. I downloaded the image from @AG-Cranes to look at the EXIF data to see where he might have gone wrong but the EXIF data was blank and a low res image (960x640). On most photography sites there is an opportunity to download the original file and unless the EXIF has been stripped by the owner of the image it is available to see. Very useful if someone is seeking advice.

All images can be downloaded at whatever resolution the user uploaded them. None are downsized.

Try this one @jmp00001 it should have full exif as screen grab, I suspects peoples uploading weapon of choice is stripping the info

Ok, makes sense perhaps many drone operators more familiar or interested in the flying aspects and unfamiliar with EXIF data and the photography incidental to the act of flying. Hope that didn’t appear as arrogant as written. Regardless on a particularly good capture I like to look at the data esp if the lens and platform same as mine: shamelessly I have been known to copy good results…

How do you copy the same lighting? You control the weather and the sun’s position? :wink:

Likely beyond the pale but how great it would be if the EXIF data right next to photo and this site could strip off the data and somehow publish with capture. Of course some check block that sender must agree to this.

I guess you’re probably right, I got into a routine of adding IPTC in 90’s and still do now when on assignment, old habits die hard.

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Not sure if the png/screen shot uploaded but here’s a JPG i recently shot on the X5; I will download it to see if its EXIF data is there? Apparently the screen shot made the trip.

While clicking the download button no image downloaded, at least couldn’t find it anywhere on my Mac. Save As did the trick, and the Save As file off of this site exhibited the same EXIF data as the original file.

When you click download it usually opens a new tab with the full res version … and then you can “Save as” from that.

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Yup, worked perfectly. Now gonna try one more random, and see if it works as well.

Unsure of the 100% passing of EXIF data as I randomly went to the photos section and downloaded two member’s photos: both showed NO, NIL EXIF data so am a bit confused as to how members went thru the trouble to exclude this data, or, it never existed?

Websites (Facebook, etc.) delete EXIF data because it often has personal information (time of day, GPS location, other information from associate p[hone App such as name and address) that the submitter might not be aware of.

Next part of experiment is upload from a social website. Seems you are correct but I’m thinking perhaps more than that, as seemed likely to me that uploaded photos on this site more likely from a computer filing system rather than uploaded from a social network. Ah well, curiosity, seems my quest actually silly as i step back. But on a more serious note, some of the photos worthy of close inspection and techniques the photographer might have used.

Whilst this site is not a “photography” site, per se … I’d agree that posting f/x, 1/x secs, ISO and ND? could be both interesting and useful to others.
I shall try to remember to do this in the text of my photo posts in future.

Another little test to satisfy my curiosity

The following is direct upload from iPhone to see if strips exif info

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Interesting result

The exif is mainly missing when I downloaded the image from the forum ‘back’ to the MacBook

Original info on iPhone

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