Expensive afternoon :/

Almost unstoppable force meets absolutely immovable object :sob:

First trip out in ages - didn’t end well sadly! I also lost the footage from the GoPro so I didn’t even get the shots from the first few minutes. Was super cool and was having a blast cruising around, then got overly ambitious and started power looping this…

Was successful the first couple of times… but on the third try, I heard the crunch from approx 50m away. :man_facepalming:

Cost wise it’s looking borderline whether it’s worth repairing or whether I just salvage the parts from it. I’m most pissed about the GoPro tbh - I have insurance but they moved the goalposts towards the end of last year and there’s now a £120 ‘replacement fee’ on top of the premiums I’ve been paying.

Hey ho… first major catastrophe. Time to start browsing Banggood methinks :smiley:


Just imagine if it hit the railway overhead power!!..run! :rofl:


Don’t forget, in a collision between a drone and a building, in 99.999999999999% of the collisions, the building will win! :smile:

And the others are rarely draws.


My GoPro has been through some things, I thought they were pretty indestructible now. :joy:

Not being a party pooper here, but be careful on what you post online in any social media including here:

You don’t want to find yourself having to answer for your actions, no matter how innocent they may be.

@Brian , this old chestnut again

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@WhiteHawk67 I’ve removed the link you shared.

The first line of their web site says, “It can be illegal to fly a drone on or near…”

It can be illegal to fly a drone in 101 places.

It can also be perfectly legal :roll_eyes:

Please let’s not go over this topic yet again, and let’s not stroke their egos by providing link juice to their anti-drone propaganda.


Just dont want anyone here getting into trouble. Just offering advice that’s all.

Is that per item too?

One claim for the drone, another for the GoPro, etc?

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The pilot is responsible for his flight. It’s not our job to police his actions. And also if their website administers watch their analytics by posting the link on this thread you might as well just email them a link to this and say “did you know a drone pilot was flying his drone over your railway?”

Yep. Make sure you are squeaky clean when using social media, even then there’ll be some ‘r sole’ with an axe to grind or his own distorted hidden agenda who will report you. In the world of social media, you are guilty even when you are innocent.

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That quad looks ok…
Even the props aren’t bent?

They main thing is, though, did any civilians see you? Nothing worse than having to salvage a trashed quad in front of a momentarily impressed public… Their pity…I hates it



We get more problems with overhead power lines caused by sweet innocent party balloons, especially the foil type, cellophane, bubble wrap, and builders bags, in fact I can’t think of one single occasion of a problem caused by a drone, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t take care when flying. NEVER EVER be tempted to go near the overheads, at 25 thousand volts, the electricity can jump 9ft, not only will it kill you, but it’ll hurt a great deal all the time it takes for you to die.

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Put a claim in with network rail. Pretty sure they should pay half mate.


Yes, daft idea putting a socking great bridge in the way of a drone. Almost as daft as building Windsor Castle so near the flight path of Heathrow. Lol


I thought this club was a community where we could offer advice and look out for each other. And that was what I was trying to do.

But you’re right, pilots are responsible for their own actions. And we are not here to police it. I’m not here to police it. Was just trying to be a good community member by offering helpful advice.

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Don’t shoot the messenger pal, I’m just quoting the forum rules:



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One single occasion caused by a drone was Gatwick. Cause of that we have tighter restrictions. If we just be sensible the powers that be leave us alone to do what we want. Just a thought.

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I quite like watching these Friday night debates.
However I’m no where near pissed enough to join in properly yet