Experienced radio-modeller moving into drones

Hi I’m a radio-modeller moving into drones, almost under protest. I have a very good friend who has recently purchased a Mavic 2 Pro, and I (as the experienced pilot have been drafted in to assist). I have purchased a reasonably-priced…Ok, cheap…drone for myself so I can brush up my skills, so that when called upon to fly, I can do so with the level of competence expected.
My friend is of limited mobility and I would be interested in corresponding with pilots with similar issues. I’m looking to build a list of suitable flying locations that can be reached on a mobility scooter. So many of the good ones cannot.

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Hello and welcome Gavin @renyn, it might be a good idea to add your location so members can help you with locations etc.

Edit, scrap that, I just read your other post :smile: