Fad_Flyer's 1st effort

A collection from my first few outings in my part of the world set against a long piece of slide guitar blues. But I didn’t want any other music for my 1st effort so as I haven’t had a great deal of flights yet the content is brimming with variety vs the timescale. But I have enjoyed the experience. Happy to receive all feedback.
This is auto mode, no filters, no previous experience and just like Hollywood :smiley: most of the footage ended up on the cutting room floor.


Isn’t brimming

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Nothing wrong with that , especially if it’s your 1st , some really great locations in there , personally I would of made it 3 videos instead of 1 long one but that’s just personal choice but what you have done looks great to me. As for music I watch most on mute anyway as it’s extremely rare the music is anything more than a distraction but again that’s personal choice. Well done and thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your feedback @scottydog.
I agree about the length verses splitting in to shorter videos in general. It’s hard to hold a lot of peoples interest for 9 and a half minutes these days when most things are a click of a mouse or swipe of a screen away. But I was so in to the backing track I had to use it and fill up the space.
I think I have got that out of my system straight away.
I never even considered people would have mute on, I’m very much audio/visual combo at heart.

Don’t get me wrong I think it was nine and a half minutes well spent and definitely worth it as it’s a very interesting part of the country and you have captured it perfectly

:+1: Of course not and thanks again.

From a newbie to a newbie great job @Fad_Flyer :+1:

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What did you use for editing? I am a newbie as well - and haven’t had decent weather since I bought my Mini 2

I used iMovies on my MacBook Pro.

Love the music

Me too…obviously :+1:
but it’s the only reason I did a 9.5 minute video. Shame I had no rattle snakes, mountains, deserts and whiskey, a rocking chair, a porch and a rusty ol’ pick up truck.