Fantasy Flights

So - knowing I will never be able to fly in so many places that I’d like to given both personal and regulatory restrictions, I thought it would be fun to plan and run a simulation using Litchi Hub and VLM to create a KML, then export for Google Earth and fly (and share) some virtual Fantasy Missions in places you can’t fly (yet) in person. If you have Google Earth Pro, open the enclosed file (extract the kml first) and you will be able to fly my first mission in Yosemite with me (nice view of Half Dome). If I every do get the chance to visit and they allow UAV in the National Park (no chance) I will be ready.

This is only my first attempt but demonstrates the point quite well with gimbal angles, camera FOV etc. Please let me know if this loads or fails… best viewed in full screen F11 and don’t forget to double click the Virtual Tour icon to start the sim. (2.0 KB)

Question: Where would be your dream Fantasy Flight, maybe through a city between buildings, or over the Jungfrau and Around The Eiger? Please share if you decide to create one. I will make a tutorial if there is any interest. Looking forward to playing with this some more.


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And here is the basic Litchi flight plan for those interested …

Continuing my adventure - next stop (more) California - no rain there :slight_smile:

I am amazed at the rendering in GEP - houses look a bit rickety like they had an earth quake but good enough. Even the sails on the boats in the marina look kinda cool.

Litchi plan

Marina Del Rey and Venice (2.6 KB) Contains the KML sim file for GEP.


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You were already in California in Yosemite. :wink:


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What an ingenious idea!!!

I’d have to go back to London for sure! I moved out 20 odd years ago, still miss it :frowning:

Brilliant idea, I’ll have a play with this later in the week :smiley: