Farnborough Air Show 2022

So, I decided to cycle to a viewing area at the end of the runway as I have done many times over the years, and yes I’m too tight to pay £30+ to enter the show and not that much if a geek(!) Was thinking that it would be a better display than it was in 2018 when they last held the show what with COVID n all.
Anyway, it rained on the way there, I missed the Red Arrows flypast, it continued to rain and must have shortened the scheduled flying but it eventually dried up but disappointingly, the Black Eagles only flew over and didn’t fly their scheduled routine and by 1530 it was all over!
What a shame, I’m sure the showgowers were entertained but poor little me and other wet soles outside the fence were a bit let down. Heyho, flying drones is better anyway! :+1:

It’s not open to the public anymore anyway, purely trade now so guessing with the restrictions on air shows and the lack of a paying public who would expect a bit more of a show, it’s not the same spectacle.

Trade Monday to Thursday, public day Friday, no weekend public access as it used to be.
As kids back in 60s-70s, if we weren’t outside the fence watching, we would watch it on TV and look out of the window and see them fly over the house with Raymond Baxter commentating.
It sure ain’t what it was!

Ah ok. Says on the news today that the red arrows were grounded because of a possible issue with their ejector seats, same as the Typhoon. Red arrows up and running again but all non essential Typhoon flights stopped for the time being.
And I agree, definitely not what it was! I think the Bournemouth one could still be decent as a lot of the displays are over the sea, so guessing the new restrictions post Shoreham won’t apply?

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Bournemouth always good, cracking views from Eastcliff area, Vulcan was amazing couple of years ago.

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Red Arrows due to fly to Scotland today, what would have been the latter part of their Farnborough flight. Intend to fly the Mini 2 (low) when they’re due over Morecambe at 1040.

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No fly zone for miles around it too :sob::frowning:

Hi guys ye red arrows arrived for a small display over irvine in ayrshire sadly there are no airshows in Scotland this year