Fast chase.... and slow chase

Had a superb AM today - first time out with some decent weather and my new Protek 35 - after ‘the incident’ with the Nazgul 5. :grimacing: )

This was at Bury Field, firstly chasing and getting nowhere near a superb Flitetest Viggen built by @Jase_MK - much fun trying though…

Then had a super chilled floaty time trying to follow a ZOHD Dart down and along the Great River Ouse… (also flown by @Jase_MK)


Cracking morning, shame I was in a bit of a rush. I’m a bit tempted to stick FPV and INAV in the Viggen jet, but part of the appeal of flying it is watching it swoop around the sky - I wonder if it’d just feel like every other FPV wing once you just look through a camera in the nose?