FCC on Mavic Air


AshMav’s info on M2P reminded me that I (may :crazy_face:) have the FCC hack on my MA, which I (may:crazy_face:) have applied via:

(maybe:crazy_face:) Similarly worked on the P3SE when I had that. Hope it’s of use to someone - couldn’t (immediately) see it on the 'site, so trust this isn’t duplicating. Yes, I know about VLOS etc but only fly out in t’stix, in case anyone comments:smile:


you need to leave a space before your emoji @SoarAway567 :grin:

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When I had my air I did the FCC. it wasn’t about VLOS or BVLOS but signal strength. I’d say it’s a no brainer if you’ve got an Air

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Quite agree, that’s basically why I put it on - have never had signal-drop or loss up to c.3000ft as I recall (touch wood :sweat:) and the only time it dropped (luckily into heather) was my own stoopid fault when I mis-judged wind on return leg :cry: However you never know when some PC soul may want to insist ‘its UK so it must be CE’ blah blah :grinning: