FCC on Mavic Pro Platinum in UK


Guys before I get into this topic that’s been coveeed plenty of times I just want to say I’m about to go on a multiple week holiday to wales where as there are loads of open fields which is wher I’m taking my Mavic Pro Platinum

Ok so I’m really want FCC mode. I use a IPhone XS Max however from what I’ve read it’s a harder process to do on the iPhone than a android device. Not a problem as a I have both but this results in a question I have…

Ok so on iPhone I downloaded iTools to my windows PC and then connected my phone via cable and selected the fake GPS tab, within a minute I was in Texas (or according to my phones gps anyway)

With android I installed floater and same within a minute I was in Texas.

Here’s the unsure part for me - both phones did the same result

Connected the phone to the controller as normal, turn on controller and turn on Mavic Pro. I then get a system message that says aircraft setting updates to comply with regional requirements.

Question is how do I then fly it keeping it in FCC mode for ever as the map is showing Texas and I can’t risk flying her if the go home feature is in Texas. I never get the message that a different region is detected and do I was to change back etc as otherwise I would just click cancel every time as people suggest. I’m sure I’m almost there



Once it has change to FCC mode you ignore any messages, and cancel them.
You then switch off Floater on your phone, completely turn off the drone & controller.
Reboot the whole lot from scratch, do not turn on Floater, then when Go4 starts up, cancel any messages about region, and you should see the map of where you are, not Texas !!!


Hello, thanks for reply.

Yes get that bit it the screen shot I poster above that’s all that’s comes up there is no option to accept or cancel, when I do above the above what you have suggested the same message come back up as if I have no choice is automatically adjusted. I’m guessing it’s only on the Pro it does this as the air seems to be fine from what I’ve read

Any more thoughts about this from anyone


As I may have said, you have Occusync with the Pro and should have enough range, so I see no point in turning on FCC, but the above would apply more so to the Mavic Air as it is WiFi.
I will try and do a bit of experimentation, and see what I find.


I would really appreciate that thank you,

As I said any help I would greatly appreciate it.


Guys, have a few hours on this today and I’m confident in saying that although I got the FCC mode on the Mavic Pro Platinum I just had a information notitification as posted above informing me of technical changes to comply with geographical flying regulations. I never had a choice offered to accept or decline so with that being said when I power down and reset the phone to deactivate the Fake GPS programme off the Mavic automatically reverts back to the Non FCC mode. I have to power down as otherwise I can’t set return to home point before takeoff and I can’t risk that.

Loads of success story’s where as the Mavic Air has been FCC successful but I don’t believe the pro can, please someone prove me wrong, how can it be done !!!


The two drones run on very different systems so I’m not sure why you’d need to do it? The Air runs on a WiFi system that can benefit from the stronger fcc signal for better signal strength whereas the Pro uses occusync so shouldn’t suffer in the same way. I think you’re trying to fix a problem that you may not have. Even in FCC mode, powerline etc are going to give you signal issues.


Been trying to tell him that !.
To be fair, I find having my Air in FCC mode does give me less signal problems !


Yep, me too. I’m just not sure it’s an issue on the pro


I have flown to glaciers over two miles away with my Mavic Pro over a year ago (I should add, with not another person for 10 miles around, and with a spotter with binoculars)
Had full signal, full video, granted total lack of interference about.
The range on it is incredible !.


I’ve witnessed nearly 3 miles in urban areas :scream:


Like others have mentioned, I don’t think you’ll need FCC mode in open areas like you describe. Unless you’re going for a world record?..


Just struggling to get more than 2300 feet in urban town village area with signal weak / lost message coming up


Do you have the RC’s antenna in the optimum orientation?


Open area no mods, full signal. Had to turn back because of the battery :frowning:


Might depend on your surroundings. If you have buildings around you that are close, it’ll affect the signal


You know guys I’ve been thinking, line of sight for optimum performance and all that.

I reckon for optimum performance a straight line from the flying drone to the controller and each degree your off will impact the signal strength and quality your transmitting and receiving.

Example, if your sitting on a hill and you take off and fly your drone North and then after a few mins you turn and face north, north East, although you have only changed your angle slightly the signal is greatly reduced.

I can imagine with urban town flying ( not that you would let it go out of site but I’m talking theoretically if you did it would be hard to judge the line of site directly as building etc are between you and drone. Does that make sense.


Where are you taking off from… your back garden?


Yes, urban flying up to about a 2500 - 2700 foot max before signal on verge of going.


Is that height or distance?