Feature Request 'Navigate Here'

When clicking on a pin to find out more about a location, along with all the links in the description, can we get a ‘Navigate here’ button that links to a phones sat nav?

Which sat nav app? :thinking:

I can’t target an app that I don’t know you have installed :blush:

Out of interest, what happens when you click on these co-ordinates?

It should open the default map-app on your device and populate the destination. There’s a bug on iOS which is on the February fix list (soz, I’m a bit behind) as it’s stopped working on Apple for some reason.

That pretty much exists.

A long click on the coordinates select “copy link text”.

… then paste into your sat nav app …

Google maps?

It was just an idea to streamline it

I don’t use Google Maps as my sat nav app.

I wont pretend to know how it all works, but isn’t there a navigate here function in apple or android that will point to the phones default sat nav?

Clicking on the coordinates should open Google Maps … but they seem to have changed their required format. We’ll see if it can be fixed.

On Android … iOS might work. Laptop works.

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@PingSpike You may already be aware if this, apologies if I’m telling you what you already know. Using Safari on iPhone. This is the URL I get when clicking on the lat/long coordinates:


Long story short, it works when I remove the %20/ bit.

Correction edit thanks to @OzoneVibe remove the %20 and leave the forward slash alone.

Almost - the / has to stay, otherwise the location becomes the starting point, rather than the destination.


Aha. Thank you, I didn’t get it 100% correct.

So remove the space not the space and the forward slash :+1:

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