Feedback and Suggestions

Please use this thread for feedback (good or bad) on the various competitions we run. Suggestions to make them better or for new challenges are also welcome


A bit of a read but this is the conversation that sparked the creation of this thread:

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Seems like Discourse already has a Calendar Plugin available :+1:

Well, since you’re open to bad suggestions…

If you could arrange to automatically email my boss whenever a new challenge is announced to explain that I’m going to need the next fair-weather day off work that would be ideal. :wink:

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Behave Joe!

You live in Scotland. There are only two types of weather, dreich and midges. :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cockroach:

There is a slight problem, Chris. I can’t play around with Discourse and its plugins in order to test and suggest features for GADC. I have the hardware but I’m not going to pay $300 dollars (600 after first year) to play with calendars! :slight_smile:

Fun and Friendly Edit Comp

I am wondering if you guys would mind reducing the time the poll is open and adding that time to the entry stage? Nobody really votes after about 3 days and although well supported, it’s not as if we have 500 entries to sift through to find our winners. Makes sense to me to have more editing time to play with.
Over to you @group-challenges

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Yeah sounds fine :+1:t2:

Fine by me