Felixstowe Docks at Night

Took the Mavic Air 2S out tonight to try it out in low light…quite impressed with the 1" sensor…


Awesome shot


Love that! Would make a great canvas printed nice and big



That’s amazing!


Nice one great photo.

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Cracking photo. Do you have more info, shutter speed etc ?
I’ve always wanted to get a night shot with my Air2, but not sure how to set it up.


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Hi Mick…image was shot with the Air 2S mate…it has a 1" sensor…Air 2 has a 1/2" sensor i believe…dont know if you would get the same results…but here is the way i got the above image…
I took 5 images using AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing)…ISO 3200…F2/8…and the shutters were 1/25", 1/15",1/10", 1/6" and 1/4"…i merged them in Photoshop…i then overlaid an image of the sky i had to give a few more stars…
Regards from Terry

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Hi @Terry1
Ah, I see. Yes I wish I’d got the Air2s for night shots now, but the Air2 is doing a good job for me and the video’s I take are mainly through the day.


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I used to have the Mavic Air…and then the Mavic Air 2 and now have the Mavic Air 2S…lol

So the difference between the air2 and air2s must be well worth the upgrade ?

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@Stillight @Terry1 …would it be possible to just upgrade the camera ? :thinking:

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@Sandbagger Good question, well presented.

I unfortunately don’t know the answer or have the skill to do it.

@Stillight …Somebody with Tech skills might have the answer , I googled the Air2s replacement camera and its about $590 from USA inc shipping, so far too expensive to just experiment with and it does stipulate for Air2s only…regarding photo quality with the Air2 I shoot mainly in 48mp but I have read that more mp doesn’t always mean better quality images so more research and trials needed for me

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Hi Mick…i went for the upgrade because of the 1" sensor…i fly to photograph…not for fun…

I dont know whether you can or not…ive checked it out and cant find anything about it…this might be worth a look though… DJI Air 2S vs. DJI Mavic Air 2 - A True Upgrade - YouTube

I think it how big sensor is…ie…allowing more light to each pixel…

Size of Megs doesn’t mean better unless your creating A3, A2 or bigger photos that require high definition, on a phone or pc a 12meg camera is sufficient. The only difference with a 1” sensor is it captures more of light than a smaller sensor.

Looks :+1:t2: ace…

For such a small drone these photos prove anything is possible